Gentille Counseling Services, PC - Allison Gentille, LCSW
Services/ Insurance

What service choices do I have?

Standard 45 minute sessions (weekly appointments) 
Standard 60 minute sessions (weekly appointments)
Maintenance sessions (every other week to every 4th week appointments).                      
To meet your scheduling needs, variations to these options can be arranged as well.
Emergency 90 minute sessions.

Do you accept any Insurance?  

I am a network provider with the following insurances: 

Anthem Blue Cross/ Blue Shield and their affiliates
Blue Cross/Blue Shield - Federal Employee Program (FEP)

Each persons policy has different benefits.  It is important to contact your insurance company to determine your specific policy benefits including deductibles, copays and visit limitations.  Additionally, some policies require you to obtain a pre-authorization. 

What if I have a different insurance?

My services can be billed to many insurance company policies as an Out-of-Network Provider. If your insurance accepts Out-of-Network Providers, I would be happy to furnish you with an invoice so you can submit the bill for reimbursement from your insurance company.  It is important to check with your specific policy. 

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