Gentille Counseling Services, PC - Allison Gentille, LCSW
Therapeutic Approach

I practice therapy using a cognitive-behavioral approach to treatment with a positive and supportive focus.  This focuses on solving problems based upon the link between our thoughts, feelings and behaviors.  The benefit of this, is that we can change the way we think, feel and even act, even if the situation does not change.

I also believe in the value of the therapeutic relationship.  Your experiences, emotions, perspectives, and needs are unique to you.  They are valid and important.  Ultimately, I sit and actively and objectively listen to you to work with you in a way that is useful and productive.  We set goals together and work together to help you in a way that is helpful to you to improve your quality of life.  

Sometimes, people come in knowing exactly what they need (ie - 'to stop crying' or 'to not worry so much'.  Other times it can be very confusing.  Whatever your 'why' is, we work together to determine the goals and work towards them.

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